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Hand Inn, Wrexham

The Hand Inn was actually demolished in the 1890s. It was located on Town Hill Wrexham behind the Old Town Hall - also now demolished. There are only three photographs that I am aware of, of this structure, I have had to use the brick chimney and the doorway as a datum for measurements. Such is the lot of one who attempts such projects - counting bricks! Maybe this says something for my patience or sanity. The Hand dated from the early 1700s I believe it is interesting in that the gables were half timbered with much of the main structure being of rubble or brick walling - it is difficult to tell exactly because it was whitewashed. The gable timbers were intricately carved, it is fortunate that someone saw fit at the time of it's destruction to rescue these. They are now in the possesion of Wrexham County Museum.

This model is a work in progress. I will eventually put photographs of the completed model up on this website . In the meantime I thought it would be good for all to see the process of how these models are made.

[thumbnail]Model of Hand Inn Wrexham (demolished 1890s) 00 scale, built from photographs. Work in progress. click for larger image (36k)
[thumbnail]Model of Hand Inn Wrexham.View of rear elevation in preparation click for larger image (128k)
[thumbnail]Partition walls within Hand Inn during construction click for larger image (133k)
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