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I started working in this studio, in the centre of Aberystwyth in October 2003. It is a lot warmer than where I was situated previously! As can be seen the space is filled with all sorts of tools, and models. All my modelmaking is now done in this studio I am constantly building up more equipment as the commissions come rolling in. Often it seems I end up buying new tools for every project I undertake. You never realise you should have something until the very minute you need to use it!

I still have somewhere a model I made when I was thirteen scratchbuilt from shop advertising card and plasticard. It was a corner shop. It was underscale and has no gutters or downpipes, but I think it was a valiant effort as a first project. I will dig it out and put a photo up on the website. I'm not ashamed to say that I have made crude models, it just shows that everyone can learn and skill is built up.

I'm sure many people wonder how someone builds up the skills for modelmaking, in my case it was through a path via Wrexham College of Art (two years Btec Diploma in Art) and a BA(Hons) in Visual Art in Northampton. We were not taught anything really about modelmaking, but it gave a background of creativity, lateral thinking and a willingness to experiment with materials. I have found this experience invaluable. I believe it gives me the scope to not be afraid of tackling a material I have never used before and the confidence to transfer skills to tackling new problems in a project.

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Following graduation I needed to find work urgently and worked in a number of positions such as building furniture, and had to be content to fulfil my artistic ambitions in my spare time. I moved to Finland - Jyväskylä in 1999 for a year. I made many friends there and there is still a lot that fascinates me about that country - see my links page - I returned to Britain and decided to move back to my native Cymru to Aberystwyth. I decided that I really wanted to learn Cymraeg as I feel the language is my heritage. I have spent the last three years learning and it is a very good feeling to be able to use such a fantastic ancient language everyday. I would recommend this to anyone! So if there is anyone out there who wants to use Welsh/Cymraeg then I am more than happy to conduct business through this medium.

I find that Aberystwyth is a great place to work as a modelmaker, it has the national Library of Wales- a rich resource of material of every type for research. Being a copyright library there is huge volume of material to use. The architecture in Ceredigion is first rate. Aberystwyth is filled with Victorian and Edwardian architecture and the rest of the county is full of inspirational buildings of every type. This part of West Wales once had extensive industry and the remnants of this is inspirational. I am lucky living here because there are all types of stonework to see close at hand. This gives me a good chance to get the colours right on the models I make. I just wish that I could have the opportunity of making a building that reproduces the coursed stonework of this part of the country. The only problem is that the time this would take would push the price of a model so much higher. Though if there is anyone out there who would like a model that doesn't have plasticard stonework…

I hope this gives you an insight into the person behind the models. I hope to hear from you soon.

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